OID Technology

Thank you for visiting us about CD-GO Pen and I can assure you that this is the one designed to be most scalable and adaptable to the dynamic demand of ever changing educational market. Here are the few key points that I would like to highlight about CD_GO PEN:

  1. It has the largest amount of codes in the market, over 1 billion codes per each firmware! Just give you an analogy here, if we are to provide one code to each word of the 20 volume Oxford English Dictionary contains, 1 CD-GO PEN can cater for 1,700 sets of this 20 volume Oxford English Dictionary. It is designed to free company’s worry about hitting the limitation of expansion due to the lacking of codes. In fact, Oxford University Press (CHINA) is using the CD-GO PEN, enclosed with the Cheeky pen we made for Oxford;
  2. we have the most powerful OID production software which is the only one in the market to provide you simulation environment to test out the project at any time of the production process. Because of this stimulation environment we can provide to your team, you can stimulate your project outcome throughout the time of development, to allow you fine tune your project and spotting mistake in the early stage. Oxford University has shorten its project production leadtime from 6 months to just under 2.5 months because with the help of our system;
  3. we are the only one OID solution which allows you or your clients to print with photocopiers, ordinary laser printers and even inkjet printers. Oxford used its office photocopiers to print out the first 30 sets of sample materials for its consumer experience centers, to use them to collect real field consumers’ response in order to sharpen their project before mass production. Oxford allows their clients to print out some worksheets and recordable stickers by their home laser printers and this has been significantly admired by parents;
  4. most publishers spend over 50% of the project cost on editorial, purchasing IP rights to develop their contents, the need to protect their content is of paramount. YDOT which is the unique proprietary codes we develop in CD-GO PEN offers you the ultimate intellectual property protection from counterfeiting; most of the 1 billion code (65536 – 1000000000) are available for client for exclusive use. Oxford purchases 1/2 million exclusive codes for its current projects and this exclusivity has made their policing piracy extremely easy, according to their IP lawyer; anyone who is not authorized by Oxford but can use their materials with an OID PEN is Prima Facie a counterfeiter and answerable to custom’s investigation. It relieves client a lot of expense and trouble to find evidence of proof of counterfeiting;
  5. we are innovating and always open ourselves to your suggestion on how to enrich the learning experience of kids and parents. We have the most innovative functions built in our production software, thanks to our client’s generous and constructive feedback,

a) voice note, literally turns all the codes you use for your content into recording and playback storage for kids and parents to add their own input, allowing customer’s participation and engagement into your products;

b) crazy sentence, allowing kids to experiment words, phases and sentences restructuring in a creative way.

c) dictation, passing the control to kids and parents to decide where to begin and end narration.

d) variable speed control, allowing parents to adjust the speed of narration according to their children’s stage of development

  1. we are connected with schools and educators to understand their field requirements. We actually get down to schools and discuss with educators to understand their field requirements, the pedagogy they deploys in class and the educational theory; whether they implement Piaget, Vygotsky, Montessori, Waldorf will presents us different challenge for learning materials development. By understanding their pedagogy and implementation needs, we will be able to assist them developing the just right solution for the class.

and more we hope you will experience it yourself by getting a sample and the software, test it out to make an informed decision.